About Us

  On April 10th, 2022 in Twin City GA, at a Coastal Empire Hunt Club the beginning of Duck Dog Mafia came to be. My wife and I went to watch our lab run his 1st HRC hunt test. While we were there everyone treated us like family! It was a feeling that I can not find the words for. As we watch our British Red Lab ( Sand River’s Ruger Red Label ) run his hunt test people would come up to us like they had known us all their lives. After the 2 day event when we left we were shocked at how welcoming everyone was. At the next hunt test in May 22nd 2021 we were at Society Hill, SC we got the same warm welcome again! Then after that weekend it was just an idea in my head that this was like a Duck Dog Mafia family. All the hunt test I have ever been to, the people that own and train dogs to hunt for ducks and the hunt clubs they are apart of are like a big family that stick together. So I came up with the logo and approached my wife about it and decided to start the Duck Dog Mafia Clothing Company. Our goal at Duck Dog Mafia is to create quality clothing apparel and products at affordable prices. We want to spread the love of the sport of duck hunting as well as the bond that develops between the folks who hunt and the love of dogs.
     If you have not ever been to any HRC or AKC hunt test please go I promise you will walk away amazed how you will be welcome and see them beautiful dogs work with passion!

Stay Safe and Enjoy the Outdoors!!